Posted by: | July 1, 2008

Taming the Paper Tiger

If you are like most people today, managing the paper in your personal and business life is a real pain. It is difficult to know how to file the paper so you can easily find it later and there is so much of it! The filing systems that you tried in the past simply didn’t work and quickly became a paper management nightmare. In addition to the paper, mail, kid’s papers, you now have to manage the seemingly endless stream of email and electronic files on your computer. The paperless office never quite made it to reality! If you are in a home or business environment where files must be shared, the problem is even worse.  You might file you car insurance under C for car, A for auto, V for vehicle and someone else sharing the file may file them under I for Insurance for the car. 

Difficulties with getting organized, filing and paper management can cause you your family or your employees to waste up to 150 hours per year! If office organization, time management, records management or document management is a challenge for your family or company, professional organizers can make your life much easier.  What can you do to make the paperwork easier in your life?



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