Posted by: organizationstation | July 2, 2008

Buried in Souvenirs!

Q: Help me, I am buried in souvenirs! I love to travel, and I collect many souvenirs. They are multiplying and taking over my house. What can I do to contain my collection?

Signed: Buried in knickknacks.

A: First I will give you ideas for your existing collection and then I will give you some tips for your future travel. Make a finite place for your collection. If your souvenirs out grow your designated space, it will be time to pair down. Another idea would be to put together all your souvenirs from one trip and set them on a table. Get your camera out and take a picture. Now you can let go of those because when you look at the picture you will get the same feeling of joy, without having the clutter. Do this with all of your collection of souvenirs. (Think of all the dusting you will have eliminated.) For future trips I would suggest only collecting postcards as souvenirs. While you are on your trip, write on the postcard, the special things you would like to remember about the place. Now when you return home, you have the memories already written and ready to put away. You can keep them in a photo box, oldest in the back and newest in the front of the box.


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