Posted by: Amy at | July 10, 2008

A Camping We Will Go


Camping is a great family activity!  It is good fun for the whole family. 

Yes, you’ve heard all of this before.  Campers love to tell you how much fun it is to go camping.  Well, I have recently joined the ranks of those campers.  Although as a mother of 4 , I must say it took me many years (10 to be exact) to overcome the daunting task of planning a camping night with my family.  Yes, I said night, just one single night.  Our first camping adventure was one night and only 45 minutes away from our house.  The trip was successful and now camping is a regular summer event for us.

Are you up for the camping challenge?  The most important aspect of camping is in the planning.  Here are a few tips.

Tip # 1   Write down your meal plan for the weekend ( yes, I think you can handle more than one night!).  Next get 2 pieces of paper.  One will be your shopping list and one will be your packing list.  Go through your menu and put the  ingredients on you shopping list and your pots, pans, spatula, cooking spray, etc on your packing list.  Go through each meal like this and you’ll have 2 great list to work off!!

Tip # 2  Complete your packing list.  Write down everything you think of including the obvious like the tent.  If you are not sure what you need, do a web search for camping supply list and adjust it to your needs.  Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen.  As you complete this list, put it on the computer.  You can then print it which makes your next trip easier.

Tip # 3  Make food ahead of time.  Anything you can slice and dice is great to put in Ziploc. Walking Taco’s is our camping favorite.  I make the meat ahead of time and freeze.  Then throw it in the cooler when I’m packing.  Helps keep the cooler cold.

Tip # 4  Use bins to store your camping stuff and when it is time to go just add your other stuff to the bins and load up the car.   When you get home, clean the bins out and leave in the camping stuff for the next trip.

With the planning and packing done, all that is left to do is enjoy the outdoors.  You will probable have forgotten something but somehow you’ll make do, just add it to your list when you get home.  Our first trip we made sure we brought the coffee and coffee pot but by gosh, we forgot the coffee cups!!  I made sure that got on my list for the next trip!!  Everyone enjoys me better if I’ve had a little coffee in the morning.  Have fun camping!




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