Posted by: Amy at | July 16, 2008

Organizational Products?

Q:  j0414091 I have shelves in my closet that have always been cluttered with my stuff.  I tried to get organized and bought some baskets to put on the shelves.  This made it look nicer but I still feel unorganized.  What am I doing wrong?    Melanie

A: Oops, I think I know why you “still feel unorganized”.  You missed the first step of organizing.  What you did was camouflage your clutter.  The first step to getting organized is to purge!!  You need to go through your stuff and clean it out.  I don’t mean clean it as in clean it with soap…I mean get rid of the stuff you don’t use, need or love.    After you clean out, you can evaluate your storage needs.  Also, look around you house for containers and baskets that can be used for storage.  This may save you a trip to the store!!  I commend you for wanting to get organized and I hope cleaning out makes you feel as good as it looks. 


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