Posted by: hopeorganizing | July 20, 2008

Ways to use the internet to avoid Paper Clutter!

Do you have post-it notes, scraps of paper, business cards, bills or envelopes (because you want that address) all over your desk, car, table or floor?

Here are a few of my favorite websites for eliminating many of these pieces of paper! Check out these websites! is my favorite calendar/contacts/etc website! This website can sync with Outlook or Palm and allows you access from anywhere there is internet access. It will send you a daily schedule reminder by email, text or both! You can set up different “groups” so that you can share a calendar with family, friends, co-workers, etc. For example, I have group set up for and organization that I am involved with – all people that have been invited to the group and add items to the calendar, contacts, files and website links just to name a few things.

Do you need to remember something while you are “out and about”, instead of writing a note to yourself set up an account at! It takes aobut 5-10 minutes to set up an account and once it is set up, you make a quick call to a toll-free phone number that recognizes your phone number and sends you an email with the information that you say. For example, call Susan at 10am on Monday or remember to change to furnace filter. It turns your voice in the written word and if it doesn’t make sense you can log into the website and listen your own message.

Do you write checks for your bills and then forget to mail them? Try your banks Online Bill Pay! I have been using to pay my bills for over 10 years – and think of all the money you save on stamps. Tip: Set up all your monthly bills to send out an monthly payment for your average payment amount. This can easily be changed once you have your bill in hand but it keeps you from forgetting to send any kind of payment.


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