Posted by: Ellen Hankes | July 21, 2008

Finders Not Keepers

Did you lose your camera during your vacation? Were those captured unreplaceable moments in time left on a chair in a restaurant or a bus seat?

Perhaps you found a camera or an electronic memory device and had no way to know the identity of the owner.

Now the loser of the camera and the finder of the camera can get together! Here’s how it works:

When you find a lost camera or a memory device, email an image to the Contact on The image will appear along with information where you found the camera. People who lose cameras can go to the same site and review photos from lost cameras. Hopefully they will find theirs!

Is it a long shot? Sure it is, but many will go to great lengths to retrieve those precious images!

Have you been able to retrieve a lost camera? We would like to hear about how it was returned to you.



  1. You’re right, it does seem like a long shot. However, to date, we have had 9 success stories of the almost 100 sets of orphan pictures that have been published to the blog.

    That is a 10% success rate and that is phenomenal. It has certainly exceeded my predictions.

    It’s amazing to see these acts of kindness and to be a part of it every week.

    Trust me when I say there is even more good news to follow. Thanks for the coverage!

    – Matt


  2. Wow! What a great service. I was out on my morning walk last week and someone had posted on a utility pole an 8 ‘X 10″ photo with the note, “We found your camera”. Then a few blocks later there was another photo with the the same note. How kind of these people to go to the expense and time to try to get the camera back to it’s owner.
    Thank you for the blog spot address. I am happy you are having success, I will pass it on.

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