Posted by: hopeorganizing | July 27, 2008

Shoes – don’t let them walk all over you!

What is the best way to store shoes?

There is really no one ideal way for everyone to store shoes. It really depends on your space and your shoe collection.

I personally have a love for shoes and very little closet space. Therefore it is important to follow the rules of when one new pair comes in one old pair most go.

Shoes and Purse Closet

Shoes and Purse Closet

I use an over the door bag because that is precious space that often goes unused. I also use to hanging bags to store my 39 pairs of “summer” shoes. Due to limited space the flip flops/sandals have to be switched out with the boots depending on the time of year. Each pair is given his own space (except for flip flops) The shoes are grouped by style and color. Since I have mostly black shoes (or dark colors) I use white bags which makes each pair easier to see in contrast. It is also easier to keep all storage containers in white because if you need to add more storage containers – stores always offer white.

Things to consider when thinking about your shoe storage!

* The floor is never the best option. Shoes tend to get thrown on the floor and end of up in mess of shoes and then it becomes hard to find a pair. (I use the floor for one pair of easy slip on shoes for around the house and my tennis shoes) If the floor is your only option be sure to put pairs together lined up neatly under your clothes

* If you keep shoes in their boxes or clear shoe boxes – think about the time an effort it will take to get to each pair. Will you have to pull down 4 boxes to get the bottom box and then but the empty box back into the closet.

* If you use a shoe rack – most really only work well with a shoes that has some sort of a heal to catch on the rack.

* Before you purchase any “organizing” product be sure to do a complete inventory and get rid of anything you don’t wear



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  3. These are helpful tips. I will pass them along to my friends who ask me questions all the time and give them your websites. If people were organized they would be less frustrated about things in life and get their work done faster and they would have more free time to do “pleasure time” events.

  4. i think those wall hanging shoe bags are the ugliest thing on the planet. i’d rather have my room stacked to the brim with shoe boxes.

  5. Hi there,

    Where did you find the ‘over the door bag’ I can’t find it anywhere! I can only find one plastic type, but I would like the one without plastic. Like in the picture!

  6. I that one and a red one at Walmart

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