Posted by: organizationstation | July 30, 2008

I can’t seem to throw away plastic containers from processed food.

Q: I can’t seem to throw away plastic containers from processed food. How many is too many?

Signed: I may need this someday

A: I must tell you; this is the most common item I see in all my client’s homes.

I would never keep any containers “that you may need someday”. They are not made to keep leftover in. If you have a project you may need one for, save one at that time.



  1. I just gave a talk to a women’s group yesterday and that very same question came up. It does come to a point that containers can become clutter. Someone told me the large plastic containers that lettuce at Costco comes in are great for quilting projects. I now have three of them with nothing in them. Other women in the group suggested they could be used for toys, scrapbook supplies or to put a gift in to give away.
    I am going to keep mine for awhile longer and if I don’t find a use for them I will take them to my quilt group and give them away.

  2. My mom used to save plastic food containers like that. The problem with those food containers is that they are not a uniform size, so there is no way to make them look organized and most of them are not made of clear plastic, so you can’t see through them. If you are using them to store left-overs in, like my mom did, beware; those out-of-sight morsels tend to get pushed to the back of the refrigerator, destined to transform into some unidentifiable scary blob… Oh, if only I could resist my curiosity and just throw them away without opening the lid to peer inside!!! I’d suggest buying some of those cheap clear containers in the food storage section at the grocery store for your left-overs and recycling the processed food containers. Our garbage service provided a recycling bin and picks up our recycling from our curb; it’s easy and you don’t have to feel guilty about adding to the landfill. You can rewash and reuse your clear containers. I also found a cool food storage set that has 3 different sizes of containers at varying heights that all use the same size lid and they come with a convenient turn-table! Plastic containers that you can’t see through usually don’t make very good storage containers for craft items either, unless you label them. In fact, the only use I can think of for those processed food containers is sending left-overs home with your family after a big Thanksgiving meal, but then you’re just setting them up for the mystery blob phenomenon – better to give them a clear plastic food storage container, too. Just imagine how much space you could save in your cupboard and how much less stressful it could be to find a container if they were stackable! 🙂

  3. Where can I get the 3-size container with turntable? What is the trade mark?

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