Posted by: Amy at | July 31, 2008

Shopping for School Supplies

j0399546 Hard to believe but it is that time of the summer.  It is time to get the kids ready for school.  Time to buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES. I know this can be stressful. I have seen many parents (myself included) lose it in the school supply aisle!

Here is a little tidbit that might help make the process a bit easier.  Shop alone!!  I know the kids love to pick out the cool supplies, which they should do , but you can take care of the rest without their input.  What you can do is make two list, one for you to take care of  ( generic items like glue, rulers, crayons, pencils, lead, etc.) and one with the items the kids will want to choose (personal item like the binders, book covers and backpacks).

When you shop for your list, try to buy some extras for those mid-year replenishments.  The extra school supplies can go in a basket or drawer where the kids can have access to them throughout the year.  These items are lifesavers for those last minute ” Mom, I’m out of glue and need some for art tomorrow” request.  This basket is also awesome for the end of the year when all the supplies come home.  It is a great place to put the scissors, rulers and book covers you can reuse next year.

Now you are ready to take the kids shopping and since the list is smaller, it should be so much easier!!  Just relax, have fun and enjoy your kids. 


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