Posted by: Amy at | August 14, 2008

Clips for Kids

School has started!!  You are now being inundated with kids papers.  There are different types of papers.  Some of the papers you can put in the trash, some you put away because they are “oh, so sweet” and then, there are the others…game schedules, spelling list, party invitations, field trip forms, etc.  Are you starting to feel stressed yet?  Well, just relax.  You just need to get organized.  The best way I have found to organize these types of papers is to have a magnetic clip for each of my kids and one for the family calendar.  I put due dates on the calendar and then put each kid’s papers in their clip.  I keep the clips on the side of my refrigerator where they are nice and handy.  The clips also work well on a magnetic board. 

 You can have some fun with the clips too.  One of my clients put each kid’s picture on their clips.  Another client let the kids decorate their clip.  Just make sure the clips are located at grand central station for your home where both you and the kids can use them.  I also like these because if you are having company, the clips are very easily taken down and put away until the company leaves!!  And remember, kids do better on spelling test when they can actually find the list to study!!  Have a good school year!!


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