Posted by: hopeorganizing | September 7, 2008

Car Clutter

What can I do to keep my Car Clutter under control?

Try to only keep the basics in the car and remove everything else when you get home everynight.

Here are some basics:

– Your registration, insurance and owners manual.  (keep these three together in the glove box)

– An Emergency Kit (jumper cables, safety flare, tire sealant, flashlight, batteries, bottled waqter, blanket, rain poncho and first aid kit)

– An umbrella

– A few (no more than 5) activity books or toys for kids

– Music – ideally use an MP3 player in your vehicle to element lots of random CDs but if you are still a CD person controll them my using a CD wallet or a visor divider so that your not breaking CD cases, etc.

– A few napkins for the occasionaly mess or moist wipes

– A plastic shopping bag for picking up any trash (keep on or two in your glove box so that you can grap all trash at once and throw in directly in the trash can).  Better yet – keep a small trash can in our garage and use it to throw away all your trash in your car at least once a week.

– Cloth Shopping Bags – If the bags are not in the car, they won’t make it into the store if they are at home.  (they are also great for carrying everything else into the house from the car)

A few great products to check out on

Driver Pockets Air Vent Organizer ($7.49)

Heavy-Duty Car Entertainment Organizer ($13.49)

Car Cooler Organizer ($18.99)



  1. Thanks for the tips!
    Stacks and has a great trunk organizer
    to keep groceries and stuff from rolling around, too – works great!

  2. I keep my canvas shopping bags in the car. When I am done with the shopping trip I walk the canvas bags back to the car so they are always there. If we get the plastic ones I put them in my bathroom and my bedroom to use as waste basket liners. I travel often to see my Aunt so I have my suitcases alway prepacked with all my toiletries, incontinence products, stationary items, first aid items and the car is packed with emergeny item at all times since I never know when I may have to leave to take care of her if she has a heart attack or falls into depression or some other malady. I keep my cell phone charged up and in my purse ready to go at all times….why spend time searching for it? I hope that gives your readers some good ideas.

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