Posted by: Ellen Hankes | September 8, 2008

Why Can’t He (or She) Get Organized?

People have varying perceptions of what it takes to be organized. Your co-worker, partner or child may operate perfectly well in his environment. However, the apparent lack of organization may be due to any number of reasons.

Have you considered the following possibilities for why Joe or Jolene may appear less than organized?

  • Depression
  • Grief, due to loss of loved one, job, youth or any other valued aspect of life
  • Poor executive functioning related to a mental health condition
  • Lack of incentive
  • Inadequate time or materials to facilitate organizing
  • Need for guidance or help

Behaviors related to organizing skills can be complex. Differences in organizing styles can lead to conflict and unfulfilled careers and personal lives. Keep on learning about what makes the other tick and you may soon have clues to the organizational issues!

Do you have some experiences about helping others become more organized? We would like to hear from you!


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