Posted by: Ellen Hankes | September 15, 2008

How can I better organize my business travel?

Some business travelers just seem to have it all together while others are missing their toothpaste or don’t have the right materials for their big presentation. Here are some tips to help you organize your business travel:

  • Keep it simple. Consider steps that can be eliminated or delegated in everthing from airport parking to clothes packing. For example, parking in the same area at the airport, even in a remote lot, will elininate the need to remember where you parked your car upon retrun. Having shirts prefolded will eliminate the need for folding before packing.
  • Be prepared for downtime. Chargers for computer and phone batteries may be needed in case of a travel delay. Go prepared with reading, writing or listening material when unexpected time opens up.
  • Use checklists. Lists of often used items from toiletries to chewing gum can help you recall all the necessities. While many things can be purchased along the way, they will be more expensive!
  • Connect with other travelers. Smiles and courtesy go a long way in making other travelers (and yourself) feel more human.
  • Look around and learn. Be observant of the local scene and what is happening. Your security will be enhanced and you just might learn something valuable.

We would like to hear some traveling tips from you. How have you improved your business travels through organization?



  1. there are lots of means and ways for it. need more tips re-this? Organize Your Business

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