Posted by: Ellen Hankes | September 29, 2008

How Can I Better Manage My Store Returns?

The skirt didn’t look right when you tried it on at home. Susie got three copies of the same CD for her birthday, The legal file file folders don’t fit in the file drawer.

All of this merchandise came from different stores. Now it has to be returned and that is a huge inconvenience!

Here are some tips to manage those returns of merchandise to the store:

  • The fewer the purchases, the less material that needs to be returned.
  • Keep items in a handy place where you will see them as you head out the door.
  • Know that return policies differ greatly. Check out this Consumer Reports summary of selected retail companies. Sometimes return policies are briefly stated on back of the receipt,
  • Retain receipts. While it is not impossible to return items without a receipt, life is much easier when a receipt accompanies a return.
  • Make returns as soon after purchase as possible.
  • Be aware that some stores track frequent returns or returns without a receipt.

If you have more returns than can be managed, consider the volume of purchases as well as other factors when shopping, Observe if there is a pattern for shopping that results in unsatisfactory purchases.

What can you share about returned merchandise? We would like to hear from you.



  1. I try to only shop the stores where I know I won’t be hassled if I have to return something.
    I ask the clerk before I leave the store what their return policy is.
    I keep my receipts in my planner in an envelope. It is actually in the rings so it doesn’t get lost.
    I like the stores that can look up my purchase on their computer so I don’t even need a receipt, but not all have this service yet.
    I really liked your blog on this subject.

  2. i need to brag back that ps2

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