Posted by: Amy at | October 2, 2008

Need Organization Inspiration? Visit the Library!

j0295910 As a Professional Organizer I read a lot of what other Professional Organizers write.  It may be a blog, newsletter, magazine article or a book.  There are a lot of great tips out there and it is an awesome feeling when I find something that works for me or one of my clients. Currently I am reading the book titled  “It’s all Too Much”  by Peter Walsh.  I have always enjoyed Mr. Walsh and this book is no exception.  In this book he guides you in letting go of the emotional and physical clutter so that you can live the life you imagine for yourself.  It is a quick read with great insights and how to’s for the beginning of your organization journey.  Check it out. 

Have you read a book that has inspired you to get organized?  Let us know.



  1. Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. The very first chapter is dedicated to de-cluttering, and how being surrounded by clutter can sap your energy and affect your mood. I always feel inspired to declutter after reading this chapter.

    The rest of the book may be a bit too airy fairy for most, but the first chapter makes it a worthwhile read.

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