Posted by: organizationstation | October 8, 2008

My Socks are a Mess!

Q: I cannot organize my socks. They are always mismatched and disorganized. Any ideas on how to organize socks?

Signed: Too cold for sandals.

A: You are not alone. This phenomenon plagues many a household. Here are a few easy and fun ideas that can be done. Buy socks in the same color and style, so if one comes up missing, you still have a bunch of the same kind. Buy drawer dividers (they come in different shapes and size for most any drawer). That will keep your socks together and separated. Another idea is to pin your matching socks together when you put them in the dirty clothes hamper. This helps you save time when it comes time to fold your clean laundry.



  1. I hate matching socks, but somehow my procrastination always lands me with a laundry basket full of socks. Even if I buckle down and match all that I can, I always have a bunch left over that don’t have a mate. I have had no place to put this basket of socks, so it’s always in my way, haunting and harassing me. Even if I think I have all of the laundry caught up, I can’t bear to throw away the odd socks, thinking that the missing sock will surely turn up the day after I have discarded it’s counterpart; can you hear the music from The Twilight Zone or is it just me?

    Due to this phobia, I have finally come up with a brilliant idea. I purchased (at Walgreens [you can get them on ebay too]) small mesh laundry bags with zippers (the kind you can wash your delicates in). Each family member has their own bag. Now, if I have stray socks, I sort them into one of these bags and put them into each person’s own sock drawer — no more lingering sock basket!!! Whew!

    When I sort socks, I like to sort them into piles of who they belong to before I start trying to match them. This narrows down the search for the matching socks, quite a bit. If I happen to find matching socks as I’m sorting I go ahead and put them together.

    My last tip, although probably impracticle for the procrastinators, like myself, is to stay on top of the laundry. If you do the laundry the second that it hits the floor, you’ll only have a very small amount of socks to deal with and you can walk in your laundry room without having to climb over mounds of laundry. I’ve actually done this before, and it was great while it lasted!

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