Posted by: Amy at | October 9, 2008

Declutter the Kitchen Counters

j0400600If your house is like mine, the kitchen is where the family spends most of their time together.  We gather in the morning for breakfast and plan our day.  We meet there again after school when my kids empty their papers on the counter and tell me stories from the day as they get their snacks.  The kids then settle in for homework at the island.  A little later, we start cooking dinner and then we sit down to eat.  It is definitely the heart of our home.  Keeping the kitchen organized helps make this family time more enjoyable.

The next few weeks I am going to lay out some steps to get you on the path to an organized kitchen.  A kitchen that is a relaxing place for family gatherings and a fun place to cook.  If you dedicate 15 minutes a day to do these steps this week, you will have an uncluttered kitchen counter your family can enjoy. 

  • First, get all the paper off your counter.  Sort the paper into four groups;  recycle, to do, file long term and file short term.  Put your long term pile of papers where they belong (a file cabinet not in the kitchen) and I am sure you know what to do with the recycle pile.
  • Now for the rest of the paper,  one of my recommendations is to get a small free standing file box  It will be a container for the “to do” pile and all the “file short term” papers you want at your fingertips, like the kids’ activity information.  Your file box can sit on your counter or other easily accessible location.
  • Next, take everything off the counters.  Look at it and admire all your counter space. To be practical, you will need to put the functional things you use everyday back on the counter, like the coffee pot. Do you have space for something decorative?  If you do, then place it on the counter.  But be selective and very careful with home decor on the counters,  sometimes it can be too much of a good thing!

Not so bad right?  This is a good start and one that everyone will notice.  My challenge to you is to keep all the paper off your counters.  As the mail and papers come in, sort them and put them where they go.  Don’t let your clean counter be a resting place for the paper.  Good luck and get ready for more quick and easy steps to an organized kitchen in my post next week.



  1. This is so helpful and was easy to do! I love the file box. I have more space now, and it makes my whole kitchen look so much better!

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