Posted by: Amy at | October 17, 2008

Goal: An Organized Refrigerator

j0400600 The kitchen.  It is the place where families spend a lot of their time together.  Last week, I laid out some steps to help you get the paper and unnecessary items off the kitchen counter.  If you tried the steps, you probably feel much better about your kitchen space.   Now I am going to lay out some more steps to get you on the path to an organized refrigerator.  Here it goes…

  • Empty out the fridge and wipe the shelves.  Check dates and toss what is bad.  You might also want to plan a meal with the things you need to use before they go bad.  Now place like things together in the refrigerator.  All the condiments together, leftovers together, drinks together… you get the idea.
  • Lets address the freezer.  Go through everything and  organize the  shelves the same way you did the refrigerator with like things together.  It’s a good time to plan a dinner with some of that food you bought last month(or the month before) and forgot about.  
  • Now I am going to get personal…clean off the front of the refrigerator.  I know, this is a tough one.  No matter how much you love that stuff, it is considered clutter.  If you want to keep the “important” items, maybe move them to the side of the fridge which is less visible or get a magnetic bulletin board. 
  • Lastly, clean off the top of your fridge.  This is should not be a landing place for your things.

    Remember, dedicating just 15 minutes a day will get you well on your way to an organized refrigerator which will definitely make cooking more enjoyable. 

    The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Try to make this place more relaxing for family gatherings and a fun place to cook.  It will be good for your family.  Let me know how it goes.


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