Posted by: Amy at | October 24, 2008

Organizing the Kitchen

The kitchen. My last couple of blogs had steps for organizing your refrigerator and clearing your kitchen counters.  This week I am going to give tips to help you clean out your cabinets and drawers.  Why clean them out?  Well, most important, you want to be able to find things.  Also, if your cupboards are organized then nothing will fall out when you open them.  Wouldn’t that be nice? 

So, do you have things you don’t use anymore?  You know the things shoved in the back of the cupboard, just in case. I am going to suggest going through one cupboard/drawer a day to just get rid of stuff you don’t use.  If you haven’t used it in the last year, let it go.  If you are ever have a party and need 4 chip and dip platters or 3 crock pots, I am sure your friends and neighbors can help you out. 

Now, you should make sure things are where you use them.  There are lots of tips I could give you on where to place items but I must say every person and kitchen is different.  So you need to place things where they work for you.  Here are a few ideas that will help:

  • Oils,spices and baking supplies – Place these near your cooking area.
  • Plastic containers –  Only keep the ones you always use plus a few (meaning 2 or 3) extra.  Place them near where you transfer your leftovers to the smaller containers.  It will usually end up close to the plastic wrap, foil and plastic bags.
  • If you have kids, designate one cupboard for breakfast food.  This helps keep kids focused on the appropriate foods they are suppose to eat without being distracted by snacks, etc.  This is really helpful on school days!!
  • Make a kid accessible drawer or cupboard to keep the kids plastic cups, plates and bowls.  It’s nice to have this near your breakfast cupboard.  If you create this drawer, little kids will be able to help set the table and empty the dishwasher.  Don’t you love that?
  • The drawers and cupboards will take some time to get organized, that is why I saved this project for last.  Just try to work on it for 15 minutes a day.  There’s lots more I could address in the kitchen but this is a good start.  I hope you are getting your kitchen into shape.  Let me know if you have a specific area where you need help.  You can check out my website at and feel free to e-mail any questions to me at


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