Posted by: Ellen Hankes | October 27, 2008

How can I gain extra storage space in the bedroom?

Underbed Storage a Hidden Asset

Underbed Storage a Hidden Asset

When looking for extra storage in the bedroom don’t overlook the bed. Your quest for more space in the bedroom can include organizing the bed area for new found space.

A bedskirt can conceal extra storage leaves for your dining room table, flat boxes or bags of off-season storage, or an oversize framed picture. Dust bunnies love the habitat under beds so store those under-the-bed items in a protective container.

Consider the top of a seldom-used guest bed for layering extra blankets or quilts. The bed will look fashionably plump and you will free up closet shelves for other storage. Extra pillows can be used the same way on a guest bed. A fresh pillowcase can camouflage a covering from another decor era. The result will be a luxurious look with storage as a bonus.
Do you use a bed for storage space? We would like to hear from you!


  1. Thanks! I just realized that, even though I have a waterbed frame which has under-bed drawers built in, there is actually some additional space under the headboard that I have not used. I desperately need additional storage space and you did me a big favor by giving me this idea! You can’t really see this space, so I don’t think that I will need to camoflauge it, but if you could see it, I think large baskets could be put on the ends to hide plastic bins, and the stuff in the baskets could be put in large zip lock bags to protect from dust bunnies.

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