Posted by: Amy at | October 31, 2008

Don’t be Scared…Get Organized

j0424080  Today is Halloween.  Is there an area in your house that is SCARY?  You know, that room with all the stuff.  Does it overwhelmed you?  Do you think it is going to take forever to clean it out? 

Let me share with you a story about my friend’s approach to organizing her scary space. She has a very nice basement that, through the years, has been taken over by her kids stuff.  Recently, she decided the time had come to clean out and organize her basement.  The job as a whole was huge but she knew if she dedicated a few hours a week, she’d be done in a couple of months.  She decided to tackle the job in sections.  She started with the walls of the stairs leading to the basement, which were covered with the kids artwork.  She cleared it off and painted the walls. After she finished this, she moved to a different area of the basement.  Last I talked to her, she had organized some more toys to keep and removed the rest.  She had also painted a few more walls and rearranged the furniture.  She has made incredible progress.

Do you have an area that is big and overwhelming?  Here are a few things my friend did right that might help you get started.  First, she set a realistic timeline for getting the job done which keep her from getting frustrated.  She also started with the first thing she saw…the walls on the stairs. With them clean and uncluttered, she immediately felt better about the area.  Next, she continued to work on sections of the basement and dedicated a few hours a week to each section.  Her organization was accomplished over a period of time, not just in one day.  The last thing she did was paint the walls after each section was cleaned up.  This was her “reward” for getting the area done.

Halloween is over tomorrow.  Stop being scared!  Start tackling your “basement”.  If you never start…it’ll never be an organized space you enjoy.



  1. Your friend did all the right things in getting her space organized. I hope she goes one step further and makes a plan on how it will stay organized.
    I enjoyed your blog.

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