Posted by: Amy at | November 7, 2008

Tips to A Relaxing Christmas Season

j0427693 Does your long Christmas to-do list stress you out?  There are cards to send out, gifts to buy, get together’s to attend plus we still have to take care of all the day to day stuff.

So here is an idea…get started on that holiday list today.  It is time to make your present list and start shopping.  If you can, dedicate whole day to shopping.  It will be a long day but you could probably take care of 90% of your gifts in that day!!  When you bring home the gifts, wrap them and package them for shipping if needed.  If you do this then your packages will be ready to ship come December.  What about your Christmas cards?  We all love to get Christmas cards but boy is it a lot of work to do your own.  It can also be stressful if we wait until December 15th to start addressing the envelopes!!  Start your cards today.  You can have them addressed and stamped  before Thanksgiving.   Then in December you can just put them in the mailbox.  Ah, that would be nice.

Just imagine a December without shopping or doing Christmas cards.  What will you do with your extra time?    Maybe your family could work on a puzzle by the Christmas tree or you could bake some cookies.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing?  Taking care of these things early will definitely help you focus on the reason for the season.  I know it’s just November but…Merry Christmas




  1. I like to do my Christmas shopping on ebay because I can find so many unique things there. I just enter key words that relate to the hobbies or interests of the person that I am shopping for and I get a list of items that I can look through. Since my father-in-law is interested in the Civil War, I’ve found a Civil War chess set, a Civil War replica gunpowder flask, and Civil War playing cards for him. My grandma likes birds, so I found her an antique-looking table-top weather-vane with a bird on top. I knew my mother liked the song ‘Jesus Loves Me’ so I was able to find a figurine of children holding music sheets and signing with there hands ‘Jesus Loves Me’ I also enjoy looking at items that celebrate the heritage of the recipient, like items from Norway or with Irish themes. Once I found a Santa Lucia figurine of a young girl with a wreath of candles on her head and carrying a plate of pastries, which is a Swedish Christmas custom, and this was a perfect gift for my mother-in-law, given along with a platter of pastries. I could go out and shop in the local stores for hours and come home empty handed and frustrated and stressed, but shopping is fun when you can actually find cool stuff to give.

    There are other websites besides ebay that have neat items that you can’t usually find in stores. I found this neat toy gun that shoots out rings of smoke, called a Zero Blaster, on another website. After practicing, my son could shoot a little ring of smoke through a big ring of smoke (non-toxic).

    If you haven’t shopped on ebay before, keep in mind that some of the items are second-hand items and some are new. In most cases the second-hand items are ‘vintage’ and in good shape, but sometimes you may not get exactly what you expect. If an item can’t be easily cleaned, you may want to be sure that it is coming from a smoke-free home; you just have to ask. Also on ebay, you may have to place bids for your item, although you can buy many items without delay. I personally think bidding is fun & exciting, but if someone is bidding against you the price will be higher and they might win the bid. One thing to keep in mind before getting carried away in a bidding contest, is to check if this item is a rare find or if it is a dime-a-dozen, by doing another search using other key words that may pull up more of the same item.

    Whether you prefer to shop online or in your city’s stores, remember that you can choose what you allow to frustrate you and you can choose your attitudes.

  2. Great ideas Brenda. E-bay is a wonderful way to find that unique gift for someone. I also agree with you when you wrote “You can choose what you allow to frustrate you and you can choose your attitude” This is so true. May you have a joy filled holiday season and thanks for your comment.

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