Posted by: Amy at | November 28, 2008

Deck the Halls

Deck the Hall with boughs of Holly,

Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

j0422473 It’s time to pull out the Christmas decorations and decorate the house.  If you’re anything like my family, you have a lot of Christmas decorations.  I love transforming my home into a Christmas wonderland but…I can’t stand clutter.  It is such a dilemma.   Do you have a lot of Christmas clutter?  What are the items making you feel like your home is cluttered?  Is it your Christmas decorations or is it stuff you always have out?

In years past, I would pull out my Christmas decorations and place them next to the usual items on my shelves.  This looked nice and was ok for a couple of weeks but then I would feel overwhelmed by the clutter.  I couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over just so I could have my house back.   Then I progressed to my  “I’m not putting that out because then my house will feel will be cluttered” phase.  This phase was better because I didn’t feel like my space was cluttered, but the kids ( and me) missed seeing some of our favorite Christmas items.   Now, I am in my ” I love Christmas and all the decorations”  phase.  What changed you ask?  Now before I pull out my decorations, I clear my shelves of everything.  All my pictures, books and other decorations get put away for a few weeks.   Only plants and our fish get to stay.  I get to start with a clean slate.  My Christmas decorations become the focus of the room instead of an addition to the room.  The bonus is that the decorations don’t make my home feel cluttered.

So, get those decorations out, turn on the Christmas carols and make your home feel festive.  It’s a beautiful season for the whole family to enjoy…clutter free.

By the way, a few Professional Organizers from the Omaha area are in Figure Magazine this month talking about the Holidays.  Check it out.


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