Posted by: Ellen Hankes | December 1, 2008

How Can I Organize Winter Weather Driving Essentials?

WinterWith the warmth and joy of the holidays comes the blustering winds and snow of winter. The skiffs of snow and light coating of ice are good reminders that we need to gather emergency supplies for our vehicle. While we hope we don’t need them, the peace of mind that comes from being ready is worth the few extra minutes required to gather a few basic supplies.

Various groups provide ideas for the kinds of supplies that will keep you safe, warm and nourished during a winter emergency in your vehicle. Check out the lists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as at FEMA.

In very little time you can gather basic supplies such as bottled water, snack bars, blankets, flashlight with back-up batteries, matches, metal can, paper towels as well as extra hats, coats and mittens. Put the supplies in a container that will keep them together and accessible if needed.

Enjoy the beauty of the winter weather, and go well prepared!



  1. Instead of searching and surfing for lists of suggested supplies I recommend purchasing an already prepared emergency kit from a reputable source. You may still want to include a few additional supplies but you will be well on your way. We are emergency management professionals and offer three sizes of our Ready Cars gift box. Feel free to visit the site or contact us with questions.

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