Posted by: Amy at | December 5, 2008

A child’s bedroom- Getting it organized before Santa comes!!

 j0407484 It has been a tough week at my house.  My kid’s and I finally got around to clearing out their rooms before Santa comes!!  Each evening this week, I worked in a different room.  The kids each dedicated an evening to their own room.  Since I have 4 kids, it took me 4 days and 5 trash bags!!  But the transformation was worth it!  Below are some tips for helping your kids get their room organized.

  • If your child is over the age of 3 then they need to work with you to organize their room.  I always recommend  that you ask the questions and let your child make the decisions about their space.  A question might be phrased like this, ” Lets get all your books together.  Where do you want to set up them up?  I like to keep mine close to my bed where I read. What do you want to do?”  Then you just need to listen to what they want.  Remember, it is their room and it is a learning process.  Most kids will follow your lead but some need to learn from their choices.  If they want the books under their bed then I say put them under the bed.  They will soon realize it is dark under that bed which makes it hard to find the book they want. 
  • If under 3, I recommend you clean out most of the child’s room by yourself and then ask them to help.  This gets the toddler involved but it is less overwhelming for them.  Make sure the work you’ve done is also out of sight before they start helping…I suggest black trash bags placed in the garage.
  • Set up zones in your child’s room.  Examples are sleeping, dressing, reading, and playing.
  • Have containers for each group of items in a room.  In the play area you may have a bin for Lego blocks and a bin for hot wheels.  In the dressing area you my have a mirror with a basket next to it.  The basket can hold a brush and all the child’s hair accessories.  My kids have a lot of art stuff so they have bins in their rooms with all their art supplies. This works well for older kids because they never have to go looking for the tape, markers, scissors or glue when they start a project.  But, I would not do this for kids who still need parental supervision with art supplies, if you do, you may have a big mess on your hands! Yikes!
  • Get everything off the floor.  The floor should not be a permanent landing place for anything!  For a kids room, it is especially important that everything have a place.  Kids are easily distracted so keep it simple.

I always recommend you try to let  kids manage their own space because it is a life lesson.  You and I both know that when they are adults, there will not be anyone telling them to clean their room.  Kids can learn the importance of being organized by parents having them help keep the “family spaces”  in the house organized. All this being said, in my own home, I can usually only stand the messy bedrooms for so long… so about every 6 months I do help my kids clean up and organize their room.  It is hard to believe but I think my kids crave the organization…or maybe it is just my wishful thinking!!


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