Posted by: Ellen Hankes | December 29, 2008

How Can I Make Holiday Undecorating Go Easier?

pointsettiaThe Christmas decorations went up with so much anticipation and excitement. The removal of the decorations may be less fun and there may be fewer willing helpers in the household.

As the holiday decorations are taken down and put away for another year, here are some tips that will make the process a bit merrier all the way around:

  • Decommission inactive decorations. If you no longer use decorations that still have a life, consider donating them to a charity that can use them.
  • Discard broken or non-operable decorations or lights. Be realistic about the real opportunity for gluing, sewing, or otherwise fixing those items that have outlived their beauty,
  • Store like items with like items. When Rick wanted the Santa hat to wear to wear to serve Christmas dinner at work, it was found stored with the Christmas textiles. The extension cords can go with the lights to facilitate the lighting process next year.
  • Continue to enjoy. The colorful pointsettia plants and other winter season decorations such as snowmen can give you weeks of pleasure.
  • Break the job into smaller parts. While it may be advantageous to take down all decorations at one time, you may find that removing decorations from various parts of the house at different times to work better.
  • Ask for help. Enlist family members and others who can help. Work toward a common goal such as a movie or special meal to make the job go faster with super cooperation.

We hope your holiday season has been filled with blessings. Taking down the holiday decorations can be a great opportunity for purging your unused decorations and a time of enjoying your special memories.


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