Posted by: Ellen Hankes | January 12, 2009

Can I Work From the Library?

library_computer_girl_istock_000001292253xsmall2At-home workers can benefit from a change of routine and environment when they work at a local library. With diminished distractions from the kitchen, laundry room, and neighborhood traffic, at-home writers and other workers may be able to get organized and experience more productivity when working at the library.

If you have not recently visited your public library, you may be in for a surprise! From comfortable seating and lighting to wireless Internet to an array of resource materials, public libraries are marvelous places to work. There may be small meeting rooms that can be used free of charge for committee meetings. Computers are generally available for public use. Some libraries offer coffee shops for a snack or sandwich.

It usually is not necessary to hold a library card to use many of the library’s services. However, to check out books or sometimes use the computer, registration with library personnel will be necessary. If you want a library card you may be asked to show proof of local residence.

Are you a library user? We would like to hear how you use the library to accomplish your work.


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