Posted by: hopeorganizing | January 16, 2009

How can I organize receipts?

How can I organize receipts?  I keep all business related receipts in a folder after entering into a spreadsheet and I staple high dollar purchases to the warranty card and file.  I shred receipts for items that I would never return but what about all the other misc receipts?

1-Keeping your receipts with high dollar purchases is a great idea.  I like to tape or staple the reciept inside the manual and also right down the serial numbers.  This way, if you have a problem and check the manual for “how to fix” you have all the info in one place.

2 – Use a plastic check file (small accordian file that can me found at any mass retailer or office supply store) Most have 13 tabs.  Some people will label one for each month, I personally would use different catergories because if you need to find a receipt for a return, it will be easier to find a catergory vs remembering the month it was purchased.  Also, these are small and can easilier fit in a desk drawer or a laptop bag.

3 – Use a photo box, most come with index type cards that can be used to make different catergories.  This type of box will look nice sitting out on a bookshelf or desk.

*Just remember to only keep receipts for tax purposes. returns or warranties (but sometimes not needed).

**Most reciepts don’t need to be shredded because they may have your name and by law only the last 4 digits of your card.  I personally put most in my recyle bin.



  1. I found this one place that may help you organize your receipts and end the clutter. Just send them your receipts and they will scan and organize them for you. They’ll probably have what you’re looking for there.

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