Posted by: Amy at | January 23, 2009

Types of Calendars to Help Organize your Family


Soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, piano, swimming, coaching, volunteering and of course work.  Families are BUSY.  The kids seen to be having fun but Mom and Dad have to coordinate the schedules, set up the carpools, attend games and still try to have some semblance of a family dinner!! Whew.

One of the biggest issues my clients bring to me is how to create a working family calendar.   My first recommendation is to have a calendar with everything on it.   By everything I mean not only all the activities but also library due dates, long term project due dates, important errand reminders…basically anything that someone needs to remember.  Encourage your whole family to put events on it.  At the beginning of the school year, my kindergartner put his letter of the week on every Monday of our calendar.  Yes, at first I was not real happy about this because space on my calendar is prime.  But then I realized that the letter of the week was very important to him, so it stayed.

j0411696There are many types of calendars and everyone has different preferences. Finding the right calendar that works best for your family can be hard and it may take some trial and error.  You can rely on the traditional calendar that has pretty pictures at the top.  These work well if you have a small family or just a few activities.  It is also easy to take with you in the car, if needed.  Some of my clients with larger families prefer the family calendar where each person has a column.  Another popular type of calendar is the big dry erase board calendar.  This type of calendar is easy for kids to see and understand but requires a bit more monthly upkeep.  I personally like my  Palm PDA calendar.  I do a monthly print out of the calendar to hang on the fridge.  I also have my PDA with me everywhere I go.  I just recently figured out, being the techy that I am, that I can synch my PDA to my Outlook e-mail program.  I love this because each time I open my e-mail…my calendar pops up.  I also love having my one calendar in my purse, on my fridge and on my e-mail.

What type of calendar works best for you and your family? 



  1. Check out – I’ve been using it for years. It is an online calendar that allows people to have a variety of calendars. For example: A family calendar that moves that copies on to each persons individual calendars. It can also be used for work, community groups, etc. It can sync with Outlook or Palm software.

    • Lisa, I checked out It looks like it has great options and is very user friendly. I love that you can synch it with outlook. Another online option out there is which will also synchs with outlook.
      Thanks for the tip,

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