Posted by: organizationstation | February 4, 2009

How do I Organize my Spices?

Q.  How do I organize my spices?

A.  Here is a step by step intructions:

  • Discard any spices that are outdated.
  • Decide which spices you REALLY use-let the others go.
  • Spices can live in a drawer, a shelf or on a lazy susan.
  • Most people use only 4 or 5 spices regularly.  Put these in the BEST space in the Kitchen.
  • For the rest of the spices, you can sort them in alphabetical order or you can sort them by height.


  1. When organizing your spices, it helps to have a good system, organizer or rack to hold all of your bottles. When they are all out in the open or a cabinet, they tend to get messy and lost in the shuffle.

    My father invented a better spice rack for organizing all those pesky spice bottle from the grocery store. It’s called the SpiceStack. SpiceStack holds 18+ bottles in your kitchen cabinet where they stay fresh longest. The drop-down drawers save space and allow you to quickly find and reach your spices while cooking. Organize your spices (alphebetically, by usage, etc.) and label the drawers once and you are organized forever!

    Check it out at Happy Organizing!

    Lauren Greenwood, President, SpiceStack Inc.

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