Posted by: Amy at | February 6, 2009

The Cure for Cluttered Kitchen Drawers

j0386992 The kitchen, in most homes, seems to be the place that has a lot of organization challenges.  One of the most common organization challenges I see in the kitchen is the cooking utensil drawer.  Some of the items in these drawers are used almost everyday which means they should be easy to access.  But instead of being easy, these drawers are cluttered with all the cooking tools that have been purchased because we thought that we needed them.   Sound familiar?

An easy way to organize this challenge area is to use the high tech organization tool known to most as the cardboard box.  To use this tool, take all the items out of the cooking utensil drawer/drawers and place them in the box.  If you have utensils in a container on the counter, also put them in the box.  Put the date on the box and set it in a fairly convenient spot.  Each time you need an item from the box, you can use it, then put that item away in the drawer.  After a month look in the box.  I suggest you really evaluate all the items left in the box.  Why aren’t these items being used?  Is it because you have something else that serves the same function?  Or is it because you forgot you had it?  Whatever the reason, you now know that you don’t really “need ” these cooking tools and they can be removed from your kitchen.  There might be a few items left in the box that are only used for special occasions, like Thanksgiving.  You can keep these items, just don’t keep them in the drawer with all your everyday cooking utensils. 

The cardboard box method works well with lots of home organization issues.  You can use it for your linens, your socks and underwear drawers, the kids toys or even cleaning supplies. Set up the box and give it a try.  You’ll be shocked at all the items left in the box at the end of the month.  You’ll also be amazed at the space you’ve created.  


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