Posted by: Ellen Hankes | February 9, 2009

Organize Your Sweet Treat Baking

heart_cutters_istock_000002974001xsmallLet others know you are thinking of them this week with homemade heart cookies! “I can never get organized enough to bake cookies!” you may lament.

Here are some options for those short on time and long on love:

  • Make a from-scratch sugar cookie dough such as Mary’s Sugar Cookies. Refrigerate overnight. Roll out the dough and make heart shaped cookies. While this option takes some time, the tasks can be completed over several days.
  • Purchase sugar cookie dough in a refrigerated tube. You can find this near the dairy section of your supermarket. Get creative with use of cookie cutters or red or pink decorative sugars!
  • Start with a favorite bakery or packaged cookie. With a bit of frosting and fancy decorations you can have Valentine cookies in a heartbeat!

Show your love with a special Valentine treat. You’ll feel great and the recipient will love your thoughtfulness!


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