Posted by: Ellen Hankes | March 2, 2009

Use Imagery to Manage Overload

shelfUsing imagery is simply visualizing a picture in your mind. The images or mind-pictures can be quite simple or more elaborate. When someone says, “Use your imagination,” it is an invitation to form mental pictures of an item or activity.

Try this technique when there are more great ideas than time to pursue them. Mentally form a picture of you putting the appealling hobby project, highly recommended book to read, or interesting place to visit on a shelf. Of course you may want to make a few notes about what you are putting on the shelf or you may lose track of your future fun.

When imagery is used in this way, you mentally lay these projects to rest and give yourself permission to defer action on these activities.

How do you use imagery to manage your time?



  1. Great use of the right brain to assist the left brain…Yeah Team!

    • I like your Team analogy, Kathy! Thanks for the excellent comment.

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