Posted by: Amy at | March 6, 2009

What do Professional Organizers do?

j0402365 So, I get this question a lot, “What does a professional organizer do?”  Here is the answer in a nutshell.  A professional organizer will help you tackle those areas in your space or life that need to be organized so that you can function better.  Most organizers thrive on creating custom solutions for their clients.  Everyone is different so there are no cookie cutter organization solutions.  Organizers like to ask lots of questions to find a system that works for each individual.

There are a few myths about professional organizers, like – we are all neat freaks, we make our clients follow stringent organizing rules we learned in the military, or we make our clients throw away all their stuff.   These myths are simply untrue.  A neat freak I am not,  but I do have a very comfortable and well functioning home.  My space works for me and my family.  A space that works is what organizers strive to create for their clients.  As for the military rules, typically there are few rules needed to keep a space maintained if the space has been set up to be simple and easy for the client!  As far as the stuff is concerned… getting organized does typically require some purging of stuff.  This being said, I do not know of a single organizer that will make you give up your stuff.  Although, I do know they will encourage you to simplify and ask you some thoughtful questions about your stuff. 

Getting organized can sometimes be overwhelming.  A Professional Organizer can help simplify the process and create a system that will work for you for many years. They are also full of ideas and tips that will make day to day life a little easier, which will give you time to focus on what is really important.


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