Posted by: hopeorganizing | March 7, 2009

How can I keep my makeup organized?


How can I keep my makeup organized?

-Keep a small bag or basket with the basic makeup you wear everyday

Let’s be honest most of us ladies have about 20+ different things or our lips, eyes, etc.  that we use for weekends and special occasions.

-The least expensive alternative I found for keeping makeup organized is tool boxes or tackle boxes.  These boxes typically have removable dividers that are perfect for get the right size for your makeup and tools.  See my personal makeup below.

– LIMIT the amount of stuff that you buy!  How many “bonuses” do you need?




  1. If you have a lot of makeup though, like I do, I like to get a small set (or big set depending on how many products you have) of those plastic drawers normally used for desks, etc. I got mine with 5 drawers for 7 dollars at Wal-Mart and organise it this way: Drawer 1-The makeup I use every day or at least 2 times a week. 2-Eye products. 3-Lip products. 4-Face Products. 5-Brushes. Mine also had a little divider-type thing at the top that I keep my tweezers, lip balms, etc. in.

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