Posted by: Amy at | March 13, 2009

Time to Spring Clean your Medicine Cabinet

P3120022 Spring is hopefully getting ready to spring here in Nebraska.  Along with the warm weather comes open windows and spring cleaning.  If you are ready to get a jump on your spring cleaning then a good place to start is your medicine cabinet.  First, sort through all your medicines.  Dispose of any medicine that has expired or is no longer needed.  The question comes up quite a bit about the proper way to dispose of medicine.   I made a few phone calls to Omaha pharmacies today and got the same answer every time…just put the medicine in the trash.  Do Not flush medicine as it could get into the water supply.

After you’ve cleaned out your medicine, do a quick inventory of what you need for the upcoming summer months.  Have you got enough band aids and ointment for the summer booboo’s?  Do you have some creme for the itchy summer bug bites?  These items will be needed as soon as the temps rise and the kids are running around in shorts.  Boy, am I  looking forward to those warm summer days!


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