Posted by: | March 17, 2009

How long should I keep my make-up?

j0430873 Most women have a drawer full (or two) of old makeup…are you one of them?  Who needs all that clutter?

It is really unfortunate that there is not an expiration date on makeup because dermatologists have said that old foundation can harbor bacteria that can actually cause acne and  blemishes.  Oh my goodness…makeup to make you look worse?????????  Scarey!

So throw out the old powder…like the Cover Girl that you’ve had since high school and see if that can clear up a little space in your drawer.

Next lets talk about the eyes…mascara should only be kept for 3 months and the same with eye shadows…OH NO all that MONEY!  Well, if you end up at the doctors office with an eye infection all those savings will be down the drain.  Get a silver Sharpie and write the date of purchase on your makeup.  The silver will show up on a black or dark colored case.

Also,  applicators and sponges should be replaced every couple of weeks because of the bacteria growth that they can harbor. 

So, now that you are down to a reasonable amount of makeup, lets containerize it.  By the time you are finished tossing  out the old yucky stuff, you might be able to fit  all the good makeup into a portable caddy with dividers that can be put away under the sink or in a cupboard when you are finished applying your fresh makeup to your beautiful fresh face.

How do you contain your makeup?



  1. Great blog. You’ve inspired me to do a little spring cleaning in my makeup drawer.

  2. My wife carries a suitcase thesedays!

    • As long as it’s new and clean…it should be ok David. I’m betting she looks great!

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