Posted by: Amy at | March 20, 2009

A Spring To-Do List

j0402363 Happy Spring.  I love this time of the year.  It is a time of renewal for the earth and for us.  I love that we can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.  Spring, for me, is also a time to get moving and get some things ready for summer.  Here are a few important things that my family tries to accomplish in the spring:

  • Spring Cleaning.  So, this is not my favorite thing to do in the spring but I love when we have completed the job.  I will tell you, I cleaned my windows this week and it is nice to get all that winter grime off of them.  The added bonus was that my whole family noticed the difference!  There are some great articles and list on the web for spring cleaning.  Here are a couple I liked  and 
  • Start the garden.  Now is a great time to go to the store and purchase seeds and soil.  Plant the seeds in pots to keep in your home until they can be put in the ground in May.  This will save you money(seeds are very inexpensive) and it is fun for the family to watch the garden start growing in the kitchen window.
  • Buy sunscreen.  Yes, you can get a sunburn in the spring so be prepared and protect your skin!!
  • This last item ranks pretty high for me…plan your summer vacation.  You can plan something as simple as a camping trip or you can go all out.  This year, my family has decided to do a large road trip to the Grand Canyon.  We have already picked our path and the kids ( and me) are so excited to see all the natural attractions along the way there and back.  There are some web sites that can help you map out a road trip like and  Exploring our country and its history is a gift you can give your children that they will remember forever.

Do you have some things you like to accomplish in the spring?  In all the things you want to get done, don’t forget to schedule in some fun outdoor family time.  Happy Spring!


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