Posted by: Amy at | March 27, 2009

Get Organized for Spring Weather

Spring is here and along with spring comes tornados in Nebraska.   Last Monday the tornado sirens went off while I was cooking dinner.  As I was getting everyone to the basement, I was trying to think of the things we needed in case the power went off.  Fortunately, my husband was home and he ran around real quick to get flashlights and the radio.

After Monday, I decided I needed to make an emergency preparedness kit for our basement.  It will make siren time much less stressful if we don’t have to run around gathering things.  I found a great list of items to put in a emergency preparedness kit at  A couple of the basics a kit should include are flashlights, water, and a battery powered radio.  One item on the list that I found interesting was a whistle.  I guess this would be one thing that could help someone find us if needed. 

I would also recommend some games to pass the time.  Last year we had a few instances where we were in the basement without power for 30 minutes or so.  We ended up playing charades with the flashlights.  It was fun and it took the kid’s minds off the storm.  As we headed to the basement on Monday, the first thing my six year old asked was if we could play charades.  I am so glad he was thinking about a game instead of being worried about the storm!

Get your kit made so you are prepared when the sirens go off.  It will make tornado season a little easier.


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