Posted by: Amy at | April 10, 2009

Making Photo Books with Your Digital Photos

I have a confession to make, I love scrapbooks.  They are creative, fun and a great way to preserve your photos.  The problem for me is that scrapbooking creates stress. When I was scrapbooking, I felt like I could never catch up…which is probably because I was always  a few years behind.   It also cost me a lot of money!  I would purchase my prints, buy the book and then I had to have all those cute scrapbook accessories and the much needed tools.  My scrapbooking took over a large space in the basement and… all that stuff was a huge organizing challenge.  So, when one of my friends showed me a photo book she had made, I could saw the light at the end of my scrapbooking tunnel!!

Photo books give me what I wanted out of scrapbooking.  I wanted my photos in a fun and organized book with captions to help capture the memories. I discovered that making a  photo book can be really easy if you choose the right web site.  I have tried many photo book sites and I have finally found the one I truly love and feel very good about recommending.  It is Heritage Makers.  You can check out their web site  by clicking on the link below.

Heritage Makers Web Site

Heritage Makers has a high quality product that is totally flexible and easy to make. You get pick out the type of album you want to make, they have lots of options on the size, cover and page backgrounds.  They have a basic service which is free, you just pay for the product.  Or they have a premier service which has lots of background and template options.  I like the premier because it is so much fun to be creative!!  After you make all your choices,  you can download your pictures to the site.  No worries, your pictures will still be on your computer but this is a great way to back up your photo storage. You can then drag your pictures to the pages of the book.  It will take a few hours to make a book but you won’t have to order any prints or buy any scrapbooking stuff.  You just need a computer.  When it is all complete you will receive a nice bound book with all your pictures.

If you love to scrapbook, then keep it up.  Otherwise, give the photo books a try.  It will simplify your life.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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