Posted by: Ellen Hankes | April 20, 2009

Why Does My Child Resist Getting Organized?

It is a central theme in many households. The conversaGirl with bookstion starts with mom asking a child, “Why can’t you get organized?”

The conversation may be more or less direct. Perhaps you have heard “If you put your things in the same place everyday you would know where they were the next time.”

Kids today have a lot more to keep organized than their parents did when they were young. The MP3 player, cell phone, computer storage media, sports equipment and attire add to the list of things children may need to organize in some way.

Time management can be an important consideration in a child’s organization woes. While your role as a parent is to teach your child what he or she needs to know to be a successful adult, it may be helpful to call in a professional organizer to work with your child. Some organizers have credentials for working with students as well as those who specialize in ADD or ADHD. The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganizationcan help you find a professional organizer in your area with these specialties.

As a parent the best thing you can do is find various ways to support your child by working with his or her strengths to overcome the areas of challenge. You just may learn more about yourself in the process!


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