Posted by: organizationstation | April 22, 2009

Use the “good stuff” everyday!

Don’t wait for that special occation, only once a year,to bring out the “good” silverware! Pull it out and use it everyday for your own family.  I organize many people’s home and they always have numerous items that they save and only bring out on for special occasions or worst yet, they don’t bring them out and use them AT ALL because they are too “pretty” or they might break.  Enjoy what you own.  I had a client who had these beautiful blankets, in their original plastic bags, that she had held on to for 40 years.  she decided to give them to her kids, for them to enjoy.  When they opened the blankets up, they were lovely.  The next day each blanket disinigrated into a pile of  dust from being exposed to the air.  Who enjoyed those blankets?  The owner didn’t because they were tucked away in a closet, the kids didn’t because they disinigrated.  So what if that crystal vase gets broken, at least everyone enjoyed it.  Think about how many items you have in your house that don’t get used very often.  Make a effort to change that!


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