Posted by: hopeorganizing | April 26, 2009

Shopping Bags

Did you know that over 158,000,000,000 plastic bags have already been used this year. Watch the number grow at

-If you use reusable bags, you won’t end up with bunchs of plastics bags around your house. (its okay to keep a few around to use as trash liners for small trash cans or for dirty closes when traveling) take the rest to most grocery stores / mass retailers have a recycle box at the front of the store.
-One you empty you shopping bags take them back to the car or hang them over the door knob so you don’t forget them for the next time.
-Have fun and show your personality with the bags. We always purchase a bag while we are traveling – its a low cost souvenir, doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase and you can use them on a weekly basis.
-take your reusable bags to the mall. Its much easier to carry one bag over your shoulder than then to carry multiple bags.
-most grocery stores actually give you a discount if you use reusable bags.


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