Posted by: Amy at | May 1, 2009

What to do with old Flower Vases?


Is your significant other just really sweet?  You know… do you get chocolates and flowers just because they thought of you?  I know there aren’t many of those out there but most of us do occasionally get get some flowers.  And, if you are like a lot of other people, you have the vases to prove it! 

What do you do with all the vases?  I have some great news for you.  There is a good home out there for those unwanted vases, and it isn\’t the land fill.  You can return the vases to your local florist and they can reuse them.  Most florist would love to have your old vases.  Just make sure you call your local florist before you load them up to make sure.

Next time you receive a vase of flowers, I think you will enjoy them even more knowing that the vase does not have to end up taking your valuable storage space.



  1. It’s really interesting and making mind cool.

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