Posted by: Ellen Hankes | May 11, 2009

What Stories Does Your Stuff Tell?

wedding_gowns__05_04_09cr1Professional organizers are notorious for helping people move their stuff to other places such as charities, resale shops or the garbage. That’s only part of the story as organizers also help people honor their past by helping individuals honor special items.

Here’s an example of how it can be done. Upon discovery of  four generations of wedding gowns hanging in the closet, research was done to learn these wedding gowns were from 1970, 1940, 1911 and 1866. A little more digging yielded personal information about the four women who wore them and the times in which they were married.

What had been shrouded in storage bags took life in vibrant family history with a tangible glimpse into the past. A creative professional organizer can help you tell your story!



  1. This makes a lot of sense — you never know WHAT you’re going to find in the family attic!

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