Posted by: Amy at | May 30, 2009

Organizing your Errands

In the last few years, I, like most people, have tried to be more earth friendly.  I have made many adjustments, but one of my  most challenging changes was to drive my car less.  I have to admit that the decision to drive less was partly a financial decision because of the increase in the cost of gas.  I think keeping my car in the garage has been a noble effort but the reality of it has been very challenging.

My first, and most obvious, step to reduce my time on the road was to combine my errands and stop making special trips.  Returning library books, returning movies, dry cleaning, etc. could easily be combined.  But I did find that this only works if you remember to take the items with you!  I have had many due dates catch me where I had to make a special trip… library here I come!  I tried to be organized by placing things by the door.  I would even place things under my keys so I would grab them before I left, but this did not always work. It always amazed me how I could pick up my keys and totally ignore the stack of books that I had placed under them.

I finally found a solution that works great for me.  I put my drop off items in the front seat or on the console of my car. This has helped me tremendously.  Just yesterday, I was dropping off one of my kids at a friends house and I knew I had a few errands to run.  I got in the car and my dry cleaning, library books, rented movies, and a book to drop off at a friends house were all in the front seat.  Now, if those items had not all been there, I know I would have left something behind.

This, as with many other organizing solutions, is one that evolved from trial and error.  What kids of systems do you have in place that help you remember things?  I would love to hear your ideas.


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