Posted by: organizationstation | June 3, 2009

What should I do with old, used greeting cards?

Q. What should I do with old, used greeting cards?

A.  This is a BIG dilemma with many households.  I try to get down to the reason behind keeping all the cards one receives.  Most people keep them to help them remember the occasion that they received them for.  I explain to them that they will remember the occasion without having the clutter of a stack of cards.  I have no problem keeping cards that have a letter written in them, but the cards with just a signature, can be recycled.  On an added note, you would not believe how much money and gift cards I have  “found” in old greeting cards.



  1. Also a great way to recycle these used greeting cards for a great cause is to donate them to St. Jude’s follow this link to see how they use them to help raise money for cancer research! I love, love this program and encourage my clients to do this when purging old cards.

  2. sorry here’s the link.

  3. I have written a post about this very subject! I hope you will find it useful!

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