Posted by: lifecontained | June 6, 2009

Purge and Donate!!













Q: I have so many items that I find myself donating, but I wonder if there is a specific place I don’t know about rather than the catch-all Goodwill or Salvation Army??

A: As a matter of fact yes!!! The “purging” process of going through our things is only half the battle, the next part is trying to get them to the next destination; whether selling, donating or trashing! Here are a few places to keep in mind.

1. Business Clothing: If you are like me, trying to find a sophisticated, trendy, professional look without breaking the bank can be difficult. Even thrift stores and discount racks can become expensive! Luckily I came across this awesome website where you can donate any clean pieces of clothing, bags, jewelry or shoes; Find the location nearest you to donate to businesswomen in need of the “professional look” at less than executive pricing!

2. Books: Like most people I saved most of my books pertaining to my major because you think they will be of some use in the future…the reality; most of you will never look at them again. So pick a few favorites if you MUST keep some and the rest donate to a local library, school or college. This can work with all books; novels, children’s books, magazines, etc. It saves you an extra chore of dusting and gives others the opportunity to enjoy what you have enjoyed!

3. Eyeglasses: As trends change, so might your taste in style of glasses. If you are the avid glasses wearer, perhaps you have multiple pairs in different colors to match any outfit. When you go to get rid of the “last year’s look” go to who sends them to other countries for people in need of glasses. If you want to stay locally you can also contact your nearby Lion’s Club and they will pass them along to needy seniors and others.

Do you know of any other great places we should donate???


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