Posted by: organizationstation | June 17, 2009

My livingroom is being taken over by toys!

This happens to almost every household that has children in it.  Parents want their children around them, but can’t seem to find the right balance of toys and relaxing living space.  Here are a few ideas that will help you acheive both.

  • Pare down just how many toys NEED to be stored in the room.
  • Use multi-functioning furniture such as an Ottoman with a lid or a bench with storage inside the seat.
  • Designate an area within the room that is solely for the toys.
  • Keep the toys in the child’s room and have them bring out only one or two toys into the room at a time.  They would need to learn to put the toys back to their rooms when they are done playing.
  • Put a cubby style bookcase onto one wall of the living room.
  • Place a basket, with a lid, in the corner of the room.
  • Use the Hall closet for toy storage and only let the toys live there.  You will need to make sure that ALL  toys are put back, when they are done playing.
  • Always remember “Less is More”.  Be brutal about how many toys the child needs.

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