Posted by: Amy at | June 19, 2009

Tips to Help You Tackle a Busy Day

j0426626 Do you have a busy day ahead?  You know the kind of day where you feel like your head spinning because you have a lot to do and a lot on your mind.  Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Here are a couple of tips that can help you through a busy day.

  • Write down what is on your mind.  When you make a list of the things that need to get done it is easier to focus.  You can look at your list and focus on individual items instead of them being jumbled in your head.  You are also less likely to forget things if they are written down.
  • Set you priorities.  There are several ways to do this.  You could start with the 5 things on your list that have to get done today and tackle them first.  Or, maybe you want to tackle the hardest first.  Personally, I like to do all the little easy items first then dig into my more challenging work.  It makes my list look smaller…which makes me happy.
  • Remove distractions.  What distracts you?  My biggest distractions are my kids, my computer and the phone.  
    • Ok, so I can’t remove my kids, but I can work around them.  I have found that I work best in the morning while the kids are still asleep.  That is the time I tackle the jobs that need my full attention.  Later, I just do my best to enjoy the kids and still accomplish my tasks.  Many times I will enlist their help if I have lots to do.  They are good help!
    • I love my computer but it can steal my time if I let it.  It is very easy for me to stop what I am doing to “quickly” check my e-mail or my facebook…but I’ll end up being on the computer for an hour.  It has helped me to set a time to address e-mails and to do my networking sites.  Typically, I do my checks once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
    • My phone can also be a distraction.  I have found that when I am busy, I get more done if I let my voice mail pick up my calls.  I can then return the calls during a set phone time.  This cuts down on the chit chat when I am busy.
  • Find extra time in your day.  Are you going to have some time in your car or in a waiting room today?  Take some work with you.  I like to take things with me to my kids games. That half hour of warm up before the game is a great time for me to go through my mail, or make a few needed phone calls.

Well, my  kids are awake now.  My quiet time is over and it is time for the fun to begin.  I hope these tips can help you.  Do you have some tips you would like to share?  Hopefully the days when you are overwhelmed are few and far between.  Have a good day.


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